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Since 2006, ERSA HEALTH has been affording high-quality services in medical fields, such as hair transplantation and treatments, dental surgery and aesthetics in general, under the brand designation Natural Hair Turkey which is considered one of the leading companies in Turkey and globally.

About Us

Natural Hair Turkey is one of the leading companies in the medical field thanks to the innovative vision, cutting-edge technology and the not only dynamic but also expert team. Not just medical services, Natural Hair Turkey also contributes to the field of education through applied technical training and workshops offered to medical specialists from nearly 50 countries under the brand name NHT Academy, created with the desire to be an information furnishing institution. As a result of an experience in the medical field, NHTLab is providing unique formulas of globally renowned products for all hair and skin types with its R & D investments in more than 60 countries to customers.

ERSA Health, with an investment of $ 10M, brought into action, and with Turkey’s capacity of 150, surgery per day providing all types of accommodations, private local transfers and customer support in more than 10 languages will soon offer the world’s largest aesthetic and plantation center. Responding to all that a patient may need as a health tourist, thanks to it’s young, dynamic and multilingual team; innovative vision and the latest technology in addition to medical experience made ERSA Health a leader of the sector.

Our Services

  • Hair Transplantation
  • Plastic surgeries
  • Medical Aesthetic Applications
  • Dental Operations
  • Hair and Skin Care Products
  • Vitamin Supplements
  • Certified Training Programs

Mission & Vision

We offer the highest quality services to our patients with our professional team and the latest technology medical equipment. Also, our patients’ and employees safety is at the forefront in all health services we are specialized in.

Our vision is keeping patient’s satisfaction at the highest level by following up on the latest applications with international standards in the field of medicine, using the latest technologies and attaching importance to the loyalty of our employees. We believe that we are going to be a trustworthy institution in the future as we have always been.

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