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Hair Loss Shampoo

  • Prevents hair loss
  • Prevents cells aging
  • Accelerates new cells growing
  • Balances Sebum
  • Prevents dandruff
  • Chemical-free with natural extracts
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Hair Loss Vitamins

  • Includes, 5000 mcg of Biotin – Vitamin C – Saw Palmetto – Plus Extra 200 mg of Ginseng
  • It helps stimulating hair growth
  • It can be used for skin – nails – and beard regrowth as well
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Hair Loss Serum

  • Improves hair health, strand quality, strength, and to treat thinning hair
  • Specifically formulated to supply the scalp with needed vitamins to stop DHT
  • Helps Prevent Hereditary-Patterned Baldness
  • Helps regrow new hair follicles
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Complete PRP Kit

  • A professional standalone kit
  • Offers highest platelet yield per milliliter of blood
  • Easy to use and apply
  • Uses the body’s regenerative power


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1 Month Hair Treatment Package

1 NHTLab Hair Loss Shampoo
1 NHTLab Multivitamin Complex
1 NHTLab Hair Mesetherapy
1 NHTLab Hair Serum

*Dermaroller is not included*

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Hair Loss Mesotherapy

  • Increases the strand thickness and number
  • Reinforces the applied area with nutrients needed for hair and follicle growth
  • Not just formulated to stop hair loss but also to reverse it
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3 Months Hair Treatment Package

3 NHTLab Hair Loss Shampoo
3 NHTLab Multivitamin Complex
3 NHTLab Hair Mesotherapy
3 NHTLab Hair Serum

*Dermaroller is not included*

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Hair Loss Lotion

  • Helps the hair to maintain the natural sebum balance
  • Nourishes the hair with herbally retrieved nutrients and strengthens the strands while conditioning them
  • Makes the hair less susceptible to harm that usually occurs while styling
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6 Months Hair Treatment Package

6 NHTLab Hair Loss Shampoo
6 NHTLab Multivitamin Complex
6 NHTLab Hair Mesotherapy
6 NHTLab Hair Serum

*Dermaroller is not included*

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12 Months Hair Treatment Package

12 NHTLab Hair Loss Shampoo
12 NHTLab Multivitamin Complex
12 NHTLab Hair Mesetherapy
12 NHTLab Hair Serum

*Dermaroller is not included*

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Immune Booster

Natural Antiviral Immunity Enhancer (Economy Pack)

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24 Months Hair Treatment Package

24 NHTLab Hair Loss Shampoo
24 NHTLab Multivitamin Complex
24 NHTLab Hair Mesotherapy
24 NHTLab Hair Serum

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