About NHTLab

NHTLab is the sub-brand of Natural Clinic, it has devoted 15 years of experience in trichology to manufacture one of the prominent hair restoration brands in the world.

Our research is based on coordination with Natural Clinic‘s experts to meet our clients’ needs.

The familiarity with all hair types and problems helped us create the products that will not only regulate the hair quality, but that will also become a part of our clients’ ritual.

Formulated with natural butters and oils, NHTLAB products are free from sulphates, parabens, silicones, and mineral oils.

We have been visionaries since day one to solve hair problems in the most natural way. Today, NHTLAB serves the best and organic solutions for hair re-growth.


Our mission at NHTLab is to offer a unique beauty experience for our customers, by providing them the best and the most effective eco-friendly hair loss treatments.


Our vision is to create a better, healthier, and eco-friendly hair routine for all hair types to bring confidence and reliance to everyone in the world.

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