Does the shampoo maintains the color of the dyed hair?

Our shampoo formulated to maintain healthy and shiny hair, also to protect from any external aggression (UV, pollution, styling). NhtLab shampoo not made especially to protect the dyed hair color, but at the same time, it will not damage it because it doesn't contain any harmful chemicals (Sulfate, Paraben...)

I have very dry hair that easily knots. can i still use a conditioner after using this? will i need to?

The shampoo does not cause dry hair. However, you can still use a conditioner or serum. We recommend you to try our hair serum and conditioner

How do we use it?

Shake well before each application. Put a small amount of product in the palm of your hand and thoroughly apply to wet hair. Then spread the product all over the scalp and the hair adequately and leave for 5 minutes. Leaving the product for approximately 5 minutes on the scalp, and the hair will absorb the active ingredients much more efficiently. Therefore the product will be more productive and yield faster results. Rinse thoroughly after application. If needed, it can be applied again. Suitable for all hair types and daily use.

For how long this bottle can be used?

It depends on your personal usage. This bottle can last for a month if you used 4 times per week.

Is this shampoo tested on animals or have animal products in it?

Our products are cruelty-free and all ingredients are 100% vegan.


Is this product vegetarian?

Yes, our products are vegan, and they are not rendered from any animal sources.

Does this help female pattern hair loss?

Of course, our Premium Vitamins treats all kinds of hair loss including female pattern hair loss.
It contains all the necessary vitamins to fortify hair follicles and prevent hair loss.
Besides, it regulates the hormones level.

Does this product contain Caffeine?

No, It does not contain Caffeine.


Does this kit contain enough for just one treatment ?

Yes, this kit is designed for one complete session.

What is the concentration of platelets after centrifugation?

The concentration is 1.5/2 millions platelets per 1ml.