About Beard and Moustache

There are three phases of a hair follicle’s growth: Anagen (growth) phasis, Catagen (transition) phasis and Telogen (resting) phasis. Depending on the location of the hair on the body; length of anagen phasis can vary greatly; (for BEARD and MOUSTACHE and hair it is up to 6 years and up to 30 days for eyelashes). The longer a hair is in anagen phasis, the longer it can grow.

What are the reasons of BEARD and MOUSTACHE loss?

Hair quality and how frequent the hair are; depend completely on genetic structure. When one reaches puberty; for a duration of 3 years BEARD and MOUSTACHE hairs shall get a  thicker, pigmented and rough and terminal form and so long as there is no significant change in testosterone levels,  BEARD and MOUSTACHE will keep this characteristic property. Loss of BEARD and MOUSTACHE can be caused by autoimmune diseases as well as skin diseases. Hormonal imbalances cause the heaviest scheme in this context. For the male, testosterone should be taken under control if it is below threshold values . Also the disease Alopecia Areta will cause loss of BEARD and MOUSTACHE.

At what age do BEARD AND MOUSTACHE grow;

Age to grow BEARD and MOUSTACHE changes from one person to another to some extent; however there will be serious changes starting from the age 15, for a duration of 4-5 years, such as deeper voice and growing of BEARD and MOUSTACHE in the years to follow.

(DHT) hormones’ levels in bloodstream will gradually increase. Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) hormone is the actual factor in growing of the BEARD and MOUSTACHE and it is made of testosterone.
Hormonal effect starting at these ages, will be effective during the years to follow and growing of the BEARD and MOUSTACHE can take place between 16-21 and it will take 2 years for these to harden. Borders of BEARD and MOUSTACHE are determined genetically. If BEARD and MOUSTACHE are not grown and hardened until the age of 22; below issues are to be remembered.

1- Lack of Hormone ( testosterone or dihydrotestosterone (DHT) ) or inability to secrete the hormone.
2-Lack of follicles or insufficience of such.

Main reasons preventing their growth:

  • Hormonal and genetical factors
  • Insufficient blood circulation
  • Malnutrition and/or insufficient nutrition
  • Environmental factors and pollution
  • Medical treatments and certain drugs

When one or more of these factors are subjected; follicles start to get weaker hence deteriorating the life cycle of the beard and moustache and what follows is loss of beard and moustache. Follicles of the lost BEARD and MOUSTACHE can be re-gained by means of strengthening these.

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