Hair is produced by hair follicles on the scalp by cells that are responsible for producing hair. Hair follicle is where the hair feeds, grows and develops. Every strand elongates 1-1,5cm in average per month. Average life of hair is about 5 years.

In order to have healthy hair and to maintain its life cycle, firstly scalp must be healthy. %5-10 of our hair is made of pigments, minerals and lipides, %10-15 of it is from water and %80 of it is made by ceratin which is a protein that is very durable to corrosion. Ceratin which makes our fingernails are built by amino-acids who form this structure by cascading one another. Thanks to ceratin, strands have a durable strong structure despite being very thin.

Life cycle of hair is followed in 3 stages.

Anagen Stage: This is the stage where the hair grows and it lasts 3-5 years.
Catagen Stage: This is the intermediate stage of the hair. Growth of hair stops in this stage. It goes on for about 1-2 weeks.
Telogen Stage: This is the resting and falling stage of the hair. Goes on for about 3-4 months.
Why does the hair shed?

Actually every hair sheds. Strands are born, grown and shed regularly. Average life span of every strand is 5 years. At the end of this stage, new strands are born. However, if the amount of shedded hair is above 100-150, precautions should be taken immediately because there is a problem of hair shedding.

Hair loss is an incidence which occurs when one or more phenomenon effect the scalp where the hair is alive and grows negatively. In order to prevent hair loss and maintain healthy hairs, scalp should be protected against possible negative outcomes and its needs must be met.

Main reasons of hair loss:

Hormonal and genetical factors(DHT)
Insufficient blood circulation
False and/or insufficient nutrition
Environmental Factors and pollution
Excessive anointment
Pregnancy and birth
Various medication and medical treatment
When one or more of these factors are subjected; hair follicles start to get weaker hence deteriorating the life cycle of the hairs and what follows is hair loss. If required precautions are taken in due time; life cycle of hair can be retained and corresponding loss can be stopped Follicles of the lost hairs can be re-gained by strengthening such.

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